Purchase Information:

Prices - are quoted on the website with the images.
Shipping & Handling - U.S. Postal Service or UPS - $15 - One to several pieces.
Contact - To confirm availability, and to make purchase arrangements, please contact me at:

Technical Information:

What is a print? - A print is an image created with the use of a matrix. The matrix, such as carved linoleum or an etched metal plate, can be repeatedly inked and printed. A matrix can also be a silkscreen stencil or even digital information in a computer file. The important factor is the artist's full involvement in the design and creation process and in the printing process. Printing techniques can be complex with many variables. Because each linocut and etching image is inked and printed by hand, each image is unique and editions are limited. The number shown as a fraction next to the title on the print tells which print in the edition it is. Irises 8/20 for example is print number 8 in a total edition of 20 of Irises.

As a printmaker I often combine several techniques such as etching and embossing or hand coloring in a single print. Each print is different and I use whatever techniques are necessary to achieve the desired results. The entire printmaking process from original drawings and designs to creating the printing plates and pulling the prints is done by me alone.

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