"Creatures Small" Online Gallery - Many of these photos were included in a solo exhibit this summer at the Botanical Library at Strybing
Arboretum in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. They have also been used on websites and in publications by numerous groups, from CNPS
and the Sierra Club to a host of smaller conservation organizations. Prints - $35 to $85

CLICK on image to enlarge and for interesting details.
Buttercup and Moth Frosted Autumn Leaves Buttercup and Acmon Blue Buttercup and Moth Blue dicks & buterfly


damselflies in tandem Gum Plant  & Hover Fly Checker bloom & bee Honey Bee & Baby Blue-eyes Damselfly on Yellow Velvetleaf

Damselflies, Bees & Mimic

Pumpkin Spider Orb-weaver spider Orb-weaver spider Orb-weaver with 7 legs Orb-weaver spider

Spiders & Praying Mantis

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