Giclee prints are works of art produced on high end ink-jet printers. They are individually printed on fine quality watercolor paper
with long lasting inks (more durable than watercolor). The computer is an integral part of the creation process for me and I go back
and forth between computer and worktable. All work and printing is done by me alone and each piece is signed. 13"x19" $85

Butterflies: Most of the butterflies shown here are with their native host or larval food plants. Plants and insects are living chemical
factories with complex interactions that have evolved over eons for their mutual benefit and survival. Without its larval host plant, the
butterfly cannot survive. Some butterflies have multiple host plants, others only one - making them more susceptible to extinction.

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Coast Rock Cress & Orangetips Monkey flower & butterfly Yarrow & butterfly Oak and Duskywing Butterfly
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